iPhone 12 Vs. iPhone 12 Pro – Which Phone Has More Features?


Apple’s iPhone 12 is the first smartphone to feature the Airplane mode, which minimizes all notifications and functions so you can use your phone while you travel. The iPhone 12 comes with a bigger dock connector than that of the iPhone 7 Plus and also has two earphones instead of the three. A major plus for the iPhone 12 is the increase in storage compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. With two fewer storage spaces available on the iPhone 12 you can keep up your regular data levels with less storage requirements. The iPhone 12 comes with two earphones unlike the iPhone 7 Plus which come with three. iphone 12

Longer battery life. An average hour of call time on the iPhone 12 is longer than the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 12 pro is capable of lasting up to five hours of mixed use, meaning you can work without feeling guilty using your phone. The iPhone 12 has a big advantage over the iPhone 7 Plus with respect to longevity: it has a longer life span. A fourteen inch mobile phone with a six.1-inch edge to face screen is definitely long enough to satisfy everyone. A large, high definition screen is always going to be a plus point for any phone no matter how long it is: it is something that will remain constant for many years.

Biggest screen. As compared to the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 12 has a bigger screen, which by itself is a huge plus point. But there are some other differences that make the iPhone 12 a different animal altogether. In terms of apps and software, you will find the iPhone 12 Pro loaded with more programs and features than any of the previous models. It’s got everything you could possibly want and so much more…

Wide angle lens. This is the only way the iPhone 12 pro features a really wide angle lens. That’s right: this phone has one of the biggest, most powerful, and best quality lenses on any smartphone. It’s got optical zoom, meaning you get to zoom in on your subject, and manual focus (when you need it) for everything else.

Face recognition. Apple has definitely upped the ante with their facial recognition abilities of their new iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. While the earlier models had an alright success story when it came to recognizing a face, especially when typing quickly, this version boasts of being able to recognize up to ninety percent of a person’s face. So no more double takes while carrying that bag around, and no more endless searching for your keys or wallet either.

Storage. This is probably going to be one of the biggest debates of the iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 pro. On one side, you’ve got a phone that’s filled with everything you need: games, music, email, text, business, etc… on the other, you’ve got two different storage capacities: the one that comes with the phone itself, and the one that you’ll have to buy via the iTunes Store. Which one will you choose? The answer isn’t clear yet, but Apple’s decision to let you expand your capacity at a slight fee may be the way to go. At least until the iPhone 12 Pros start dropping in, that is.

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