Types of Recharge Plans of Recharging a Prepaid Mobile by Online Method

The facility of online prepaid recharge is fully automated. This is a new concept using the modern technology of online service for the purpose of recharge. The websites are highly secure for online transactions of credit, debit cards and also internet banking. The online service offers reasonable price along with excellent customer service.

The prepaid plans are on the basis of lifestyle, budge and usage of mobile. One should carefully consider all the online prepaid recharge options provided by a website. The online recharge is done by sms. One has to enter ones mobile number in the website. One has to register with the site. Some websites offer dial recharge. For this, one has to dial a number of the website from ones phone. Then enter the mobile number. This results in an instant recharge. For this facility, one does not have to register. It is a free service. The balance information  recargas telcel  is provided through IVR.

There is also a facility of schedule recharge, when one can set or schedule the mobile recharge for a particular date on the calendar. The recharge for a specific amount is sent automatically on the date one sets or specifies. One can cancel such scheduled recharge anytime. The site sends a reminder of the scheduled recharge on a date one specifies while ordering the recharge. For online prepaid recharge, one has to register with the site, providing information such as bank account details, email address and phone number.


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